Changed People Today in Ghana!

Changed People Today in Ghana!

Since 2020 in the early stages of the pandemic. Changed People Today has truly been a love miracle to this country and families.

We have now supported eight families with getting them started in their own businesses, paying for shelter, providing food, medical help, providing clean water for the children and their families to drink, and the lists go’s on!

Even though through the pandemic their government would not support them like our government in America giving out stimulus checks for our country.

Changed People Today allowed God, to use us as stimulus checks to this country serving them with over twenty five thousand dollars in the last two years to help them with improvement for living better lives, and not to have to worry about how they would feed their babies and young children!

The bible says in 1 John 3rd chapter and 16 and 17 verse, that when you shut up your compassion for those in need when you know they need help good or bad. How dwell the love of God in you???

We continue giving as there is more work to be done in the Kasoa community until we can purchase a ministry vehicle to trans port them to the hospital when needed, and to take the children on adventurous learning trips to learn more about their own country!

Please help us in our best efforts in blessing these wonderful hard working brother and sisters!

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