T.h.u.g.g. Reform Vision

The T.h.u.g.g. reform vision was born on June 19 2021 between two and 3 am in the morning! As I was looking up some things on prison reform about celebrity rapper Meek Mill, and what his passion is for starting his movement for prison reform. God raced through my mind like a world wind, and gave me my own vision of what he wanted me to bring to St. Louis and the world and show a whole other side why God wants me to start T.h.u.g.g. reform, which stands for ( TRUE HUMILITY UNDER GOD’S GRACE ) and not just fight and change laws with the justice system, but change the lives of peoples minds to not ever have to deal with the law in the first place! This excited me T.h.u.g.g. readers, and sponsors, because my mentor and big brother took my mind back to when I used to get in trouble with the law back in the day, and the only way I faced any kind of law enforcement was when I was breaking the law in some kind of way. Or because my name stayed in so much trouble as a blind man that sometimes they would stop me at times because I was known to be doing illegal things to make them want to run my name through their system to find out did I have any warrants or contempt from running from the law???

I know this might sound crazy that a blind man would stay in so much trouble. But the name Chris Bell, was very well known in Fort Wayne Indiana in the late nineteen nineties before I legally changed my name to Bishup Rich Wealth and changed my  life forever for the best. I would never have to deal with the law again unless I would be in the justice system again or deal with jail guards was to become a motivational speaker for correction facilities and help others get freed up in their minds as well, and to receive the same life savior who coached me how to discipline my behavior to becoming a changed person for the better for society, and now give my wisdom and knowledge of how I changed my life because of my mentor helping me, and quit taking and stealing from my community, and become a role model of serious change instead of a threat to society!!!!!!!

I am not saying that some things of the legal justice  system is not broken. But I need the world, and my fellow brothers and sisters to see that if they would change their life for the betterment of becoming a Changed Person Today like me, they would never have to deal with the law or justice on purpose in the first place. I’m not dumb or stupid to know that good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people as well! But you never hear anyone complain when good happens to the bad. Do you know what I mean???

This T.h.u.g.g. reform movement is for those who will not be in denial about their own life, and understand that these laws and judgements are not set up for a righteous person who is law-abiding anyway! ( 1 ,Timothy first chapter ) These laws are set up for undisciplined, and careless people who think they can slick and avoid

 the law until they get caught doing wrong! And at this point after becoming a part of the system will be tough on you to get out of that madness for real Sir or Mam!

I’ve been there, and done that, and that’s why the T.h.u.g.g. reform movement coaches you through our program through our motivational  resource autobiography book called T.h.u.g.g. Journey to help reprogram your mind, and make you start thinking positively for good!

Last but not least. Before I end this vision letter to you my friend. Probation and parole is not set up to make anyone fail. But it is set up to be strict on a released inmate to scare the ( HELL ) out of you if you don’t follow the rules of your ending free sentence on the streets. You should be scared, and nervous because you know that that orange jumpsuit will be waiting for you with your name on it!!!!!!!

So join the T.h.u.g.g. reform movement and lets learn to live right so you will never have to deal with the law again up close unless you are calling them because someone else who has not learned discipline needs to experience what you use to with the law, until you learned to live a good, productive life through the T.h.u.g.g. reform movement program! (COMPLETION )